6 Must-Have Travel Apps

Winter isn’t just coming, it’s practically here! The white winds and cold weather may have you looking to pack up your car or hop on a flight to warmer climates. But before you book a plane ride down to the Tropics, you need to take a few steps to ensure that you don’t come back from your vacation more stressed than when you left. One way to do this is by installing some useful travel apps on your smartphone.

Regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or Android, having certain travel apps will help you plan your trips better, become a more efficient traveller, and enjoy your trips more. From languages and maps to finances and internet access, everything can be available on that small device in your pocket. So where do you start? We’ve collected six must-have travel apps for you that will make sure your trip away from the ice and snow is well worth it.

1. Google Translate

google translate
Using Google to improve your everyday life probably sounds like a no-brainer, but this is the perfect app to use when visiting a country where you don’t speak the native language. If you are looking to get serious about learning a second language there are better apps out there, but when it comes to quick translation this app is hard to beat. The best feature is its photo mode–hold your camera up to text, like a food menu or street sign, and Google will instantly translate it for you.

2. Hopper

Hopper analyzes thousands of flights and helps you find when flights will be cheapest. The app will then notify you when it’s the best time to purchase a flight and the best time to go on vacation, which is especially useful for people with flexible schedules. There are many flight aggregators available, but with access to so much airline data, this is the best choice. There are no hidden fees, and the predictions “consistently perform with 95% accuracy.”

3. truTap Mobile Wallet

truTap Mobile Wallet
Travelling can be expensive and nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be! 67 percent of people believe that electronic payment cards offered more security when travelling abroad than traditional methods of finance, such as cash or travellers cheques, and 64 percent considered electronic payments as a cheaper alternative when travelling abroad. TruCash’s award-winning payment services can now be easily accessed on your phone with the truTap Mobile Wallet app. You can reload your card anywhere using your credit card, transfer funds from your card to another card instantly, check your card balance in real-time and secure your finances.

4. City Maps 2 Go

city maps 2 go
If you plan on doing more than just lounging around on the beach all vacation, then City Maps to Go is a must-have app. Input all your upcoming locations and create a detailed list of what you plan on doing. The app saves everything, so it can be accessed offline, allowing you to minimize your data usage while you are away. Detailed maps with none of the hassle or expense.

5. Postagram

Traditional mail is an outdated mode of communication, but let’s face it: everyone still loves getting a postcard from a loved one. Take this classic tradition to the digital age with Postagram, which allows you to create and send personalized messages and photos from your phone. You can then use the app to send a real postcard to someone for a small fee.

6. Free Wi-Fi Finder

free wifi finder
There is nothing worse than being lost in a strange city with no access to the internet. The Free Wi-Fi Finder offers either a directory to find connections in urban areas, or a hand Wi-Fi scanner, which will help you locate the nearest hot spot.

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