4 Trends Shaping the Sports Fan Loyalty Landscape

sports fan loyalty

New Technology, combined with immense growth of professional sports around the world has led to an increase in the number fan loyalty programs operated by major sports teams. Unique fan experiences, points programs and cashless experiences are being utilized to drive traffic into the arena, stadium or field in new and exciting ways.

A number of teams, like the Buffalo Bills football team, Buffalo Sabres Hockey club and most recently the Blue Jays baseball team have touched upon this idea, read more here. By offering innovative rewards at different plateaus teams are now able to drive fan traffic, attendance and engagement at the seat level – even offer unique fan experiences like in-seat text ordering right from the comfort of your seat.

Now, as a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan, I’m left thinking.. what about me. But we’ll leave that for another time.

It’s in the card

The backbone of many of these programs is the loyalty card. Fans must have a quick, easy and hassle free access to rewards at any time during, before or after the game. That’s why many teams, like the Buffalo Sabres have opted for a prepaid Visa or MasterCard card program. With prepaid cards, teams are able to offer unique incentives that are immensely flexible and truly offer meaningful rewards for any fan.

Spot New Trends

Here are few ways teams are using Prepaid Cards to offer a better, more exciting fan experience:

1. Deliver Season Ticket Holder Rebates

Season ticket holders are your lifeblood. Keep them. Offer season ticket holders a percentage rebate loaded directly on their premium card for spending within the arena.

2. Issue Branded Points Programs

Allow season ticket holders and mini-pack customers the chance to earn “Team Cash” on every purchase. Bucks can be accumulated and converted to cash for spending within your venue.

3. Offer Memorable Experiences

Tie existing privileges and Club access into your card program. Offer all kinds of experiences and prizes with card number draws, instant win offers and point promotions.

4. Track Purchases In Your Venue

Gain more insight into your fans spending habits. Track how your fans spend and earn their rewards to deliver a truly unique and fan-centric loyalty program.

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