2018 Loyalty Program Stats: Why Your Business Needs The TruCash Loyalty Program

2018 loyalty program

Loyalty Programs Are On The Rise

  • Loyalty Program enrollment has grown by 31% over the last four years (Bond)
  • 63% of Gen Z participates in at least one loyalty program, whereas 71% of Millennials do (CrowdTwist)


Rewards Programs Can Lead To An Increase In Customer Satisfaction

  • 29% of loyalty program members agree that the program improves their experience with the brand (Bond)
  • Redeemers are twice as satisfied with loyalty programs as non-redeemers (Bond)
  • Loyalty Program Members who agree that a program is enjoyable are 10 times more likely to be satisfied (Bond)


Which Can Bring More Sales To Your Business

  • 73% of members are more likely to recommend and say good things about brands with good loyalty programs (Bond)
  • 73% of Millennials said they are influenced to purchase based on loyalty programs (Lab42)
  • 81% of consumers agree that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with a brand (Bond)
  • 64% of Gen Z and Millennials could be persuaded to shop with a brand if they have a loyalty program (CrowdTwist)
  • 86% of consumers who like a loyalty program will shop more (500friends)
  • 76% of loyalty program members say that programs are part of their relationship with brands (Bond)
  • 62% of U.S. mobile shoppers report increased store visits as a direct result of interaction with mobile loyalty programs (3Cinteractive)




Shoppers Aren’t Using Their Rewards The Way They Want

  • Only 24% of shoppers use the rewards they earn (CodeBroker)
  • More than one-fifth of loyalty program members have never redeemed (Bond)
  • 43% of shoppers say rewards expire before they can be redeemed (CodeBroker)
  • 38% of shoppers say they never knew if they had rewards available (CodeBroker)
  • 28% of shoppers say they forget to bring paper rewards certificates to redeem (CodeBroker)
  • 52% of loyalty program members don’t know if an app exists for their programs (Bond)
  • 57% of loyalty program members do not know their points balance, and 38% are unaware of their points value (Bond)
  • 70% of brands with a loyalty program don’t let the customer choose their preferred reward (IBM)
  • 42% of customers listed “not providing live/real-time customer service support” as a reason for breaking up with a brand.




The TruCash Program

  • Customers can shop at hundreds of top name brand merchants using a wide coalition of national, regional, and local retailers across North America and Europe
  • Earning points is easy: members simply shop at their favourite brands to earn points that convert to cash, directly on their card.
  • Customers don’t have to wait to receive a coupon; they can choose to convert their points over to cash at any time
  • Points don’t expire, and you can check your accounts and balance electronically
  • Customers can sign up for electronic partner and information updates
  • With the TruCash card, members can use it to buy anything, any time, anywhere that Mastercard® or Visa® is accepted
  • Members can pay using their multifunction TruCash card or with a credit card and still earn points for their loyalty
  • TruCash offers 24/7 customer support via phone and email, and also features a dedicated team of industry professionals to handle any problems. We are also available on social media
  • Businesses have the ability to track redemption and user engagement
  • TruCash program offers unparalleled Insight on customer behaviour
  • Differentiation from competitors Increases sales and customer satisfaction


Have questions or looking to learn more about the TruCash loyalty program? Feel free to contact us by visiting our contact page.