13 Retail Loyalty Statistics You Need To Know

retail loyalty

Knowing how consumers think is an important step towards giving them what they want. In the retail business, consumer loyalty can make or break your company. Check out 13 infographic stats on 2017 retail loyalty.



  • 40% of consumers say they are more likely to shop at a retailer again with whom they have a store card (Vyze)


  • 82% of consumers who returned an item were repeat customers (Retail Dive)



  • Department store brands that reward non-transactional engagement also enjoy 48% more daily site visits, 13% long site visits, and a 5% lower bounce rate (L2)


  • When music is partnered with visuals and scent to create a branded in-store atmosphere, 72% of U.S. consumers surveyed, ages 18-24, say they’re more likely to revisit (Mood Media)


  • 44% of shoppers are more interested in brands tailoring content for coupons based on location and 31% on images (Episerver)


  • 65% of shoppers attempt to redeem a reward at POS and find it expired (CodeBroker)


  • 56% of shoppers say they changed or abandoned a purchase when they realized their points had expired (CodeBroker)



  • 79% of brand loyal consumers are influenced to buy a brand they wouldn’t typically have purchased due to coupon/reward influence (Valassis)


  • 82% of consumers switch stores to take advantage of weekly specials (Valassis)


  • 21% of shoppers are more likely to purchase again from brands that do more to personalize their digital experience than those that do not, and 17% are more loyal (Episerver)


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